Sunday, September 07, 2008

Redwood Forest

Redwood Regional Park, originally uploaded by ParsecTraveller.

Another photo from today's visit to Redwood Regional Park. This park is just minutes from Oakland, and a short drive from the inland East Bay.

It was 98 degrees inland today; at Redwood, it was 83. Talk about relief from the heat!


tina said...

Seeing the redwoods is on my bucket list. They must be magnificent.

Patsi said...

Big trees !!
Love the redwoods.
Still viewing your blog...Great photos.Come visit.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

Like the color and shade in the image.

I go to the redwoods quite a bit:

Largest known redwood trees

But even smaller trees are pleasing for my needs, like the short coastal pine woodlands along the Oregon coast.