Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Cool Day in Months

Fall is definitely around the corner.

Today, we had the first actual chilly day here in the Bay Area. There was a marine layer (fog) that stayed around until about 10:00 A.M. Cool winds dominated the morning.

This evening, the marine layer returned, and it's brisk outside.

It's amazing to have clouds after going 6 months without them.

Anybody else seeing signs of autumn?


tina said...

Lots of signs. Mums are in stores, leaves are turning AND dropping, squirrels are storing nuts, and it has cooled down here too!

Susy said...

Oh it's been cool here. I'm dreaded hearing the F-word on the weather. That sparks a lot of work around here. I'm sure we have at least another month, but one can never know here in Ohio. We have had a few nights that have dipped into the 40's already this August. I think Frost will come sooner this year.

Parsec said...

Thanks for the replies! It's interesting to hear about the autumn experiences of other gardeners...