Monday, September 08, 2008

Orange Pepper

This 'California Wonder' bell pepper is almost ready to be picked. Anyone have some good recipes using bell peppers?


tina said...

Mince it up with some peeled tomatoes, add some fresh basil, cubed mozzarella, minced onions and garlic and a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper. Heavenly and easy.

Susy said...

I like to char mine on the grill, skim off the peel and then add chopped to a grilled pizza (completed with other grilled veggies like zukes, tomatoes, onions, etc). Super Delicious. Or you can just toss all the grilled veggies with pasta. Equally delicious.

Dan said...

I wish my bell peppers would turn colour, mine are still very much green. I have had really good luck with banana peppers this year though.

I like to make a chicken pasta dish with peppers. Cook boneless cubed chicken with cut up bacon then add peppers, onions, halved button mushrooms and rose sauce. I buy the sauce but it is basically red sauce with cream and cheese. Then serve over linguine or fettuccine preferably fresh pasta. Very good and fast to make.

Beautiful trees and morning glory photos!

Parsec said...

Wow! Thank you for all the recipes, everyone. I really appreciate them - I will definitely keep them in mind when I start harvesting.