Monday, September 08, 2008

Tomatoes...Almost Ripe

This cluster of 'Oregon Spring' tomatoes is almost ripe.

In my garden, 'Oregon Spring' has not proven to be a vigorous variety. The plant seems to be slow-growing, and the fruits take forever to ripen.

Next year I will try something else.



tina said...

I've never grown these. I try different ones each year. Any tomato that is reputed to have a thin skin is for me. This year I have bradley, beefsteak, and I forget what else. They are good though.

Parsec said...

Thanks...I will keep those suggestions in mind!

Kathryn/ said...

Do you know I was commenting yesterday at the Farmer's Market to a tomato grower that this year my tomatoes just have not been what they usually are. He said, "Everyone is telling me that." I wonder if it had something to do with the fires?? It seems pretty universal. I keep going out and looking at green tomatoes wondering Whassup?? Even my Early Girls are late! :)