Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, originally uploaded by ParsecTraveller.

Thick hot chocolate I made back in January.

I am going to try this recipe again - it's essentially chocolate melted into milk. Really delicious!


Susy said...

Looks nice & dark! I'm a big fan of dark dark dark chocolate. I'm not into that sweet stuff. You cocoa looks soooooooooo dark and delicious! I may have to try some. MMMMM 80% dark chocolate and some whole milk. Perhaps it's more of a morning drink and not a nightcap.

Dan said...

That looks almost sinful. I just visited the best chocolatier in Ontario, Rheo Thompson. I tried to take an evening shot outside looking in of the store front but the camera battery died, very disappointing! The chocolate made up for it through.

Parsec said...

Susy- Yes, it was very dark chocolate! In fact, you can't use milk chocolate, because when the chocolate melts, the sugar seems to come out too, and the hot chocolate becomes way to sweet. I use 64% chocolate bars from France. I bought a ton of them when I was there because they were so tasty.

Dan- Sorry to hear about your camera trouble. I hope you can get a photo the next time - it sounds like a great place. Do they have many truffle varieties?

Dan said...

I don't think I have seen truffles there but they have everything else. They do have many things that have a truffle-ish center. The chocolates I like the most are their chocolate covered cashews and the mint smoothies. The mint smoothies are a 1/2" center of soft chocolate with mint flavoring and then encased in firm chocolate, simply amazing!

Next time I will make sure my battery is charged.

franceline said...

Chocolat qui accompagne à merveille les "Männele"
de la Saint-Nicolas. mmmmm !!!!