Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Trip to Annie's Annuals

Annie's Annuals is an incredible nursery in Richmond, California. They have the largest selection of rare and unusual annuals and perennials anywhere. Some rarities they carry include a double-flowered nasturtium, a large, blue-flowered form of scarlet pimpernel, and a freakishly amazing South African spider iris.

Although Annie's is a veritable gardener's heaven, you need to drive through some rough neighborhoods to get there. That didn't prevent me, however, from stopping by and loading up on California native wildflowers such as baby blue eyes, tidy tips, bird's eyes, and 'Apricot Chiffon' California poppies.

Annie's Annuals is definitely worth a visit if you live in the Bay Area or are ever passing through.

Anyone else have excellent nurseries nearby?


Dan said...

Sounds like a great nursery.

Our most unusual nursery near by would be Canning Perennial. They carry all kinds of unusual perennials and they are located off the highway in the country. It is always a great get away in the warmer months. They have a huge garden that you can tour around too.

Dan said...

forgot to add that I am going to try and find some Bomarea seed. It is one spectacular looking flower.

tina said...

I have heard of Annies. I think they are one of two that sell blue impatiens. No famous nurseries here but McMinnville is supposed to be the nursery capital of the world. A few friends are taking me next month-can't wait!