Friday, February 20, 2009

In the Forest

In the Forest, originally uploaded by ParsecTraveller.

A small, lacy waterfall on a creek in Las Trampas Regional Park. The heavy rains brought water back to the creeks - and mud to the trails - in most of the parks in the Bay Area.


tina said...

Can you wrap up those rocks and send them east to me? I think they'd sure look great in the garden:)

oku said...


Can you tell how you get there? I looked at the coordinates (you geotagged the picture), is that position correct? There does not seem to be any trail that leads there.

Of course, you may decide to better not share that information ;-).

Dan said...

This is definitely my favorite. I can't wait until I can photography waterfalls that aren't frozen again.

Parsec said...


Thanks for expressing interest! The waterfalls coordinates are roughly correct, as I know the area well and have learned to recognize it on Google Maps satellite imagery. You are correct: there are no official park-maintained trails leading to the falls, but if you go off-trail and just follow the creek upstream, you start to hit waterfalls.

- Parsec