Saturday, October 18, 2008

More October Garden Update Pictures

Some more photos of the garden on this warm October day:

'Heavenly Blue' morning glories are still blooming!

The morning glory vines are over 17 feet tall, and still growing. I can't provide them with any more support because I don't have a tall enough ladder.

'Thai Hot Dragon' chile peppers. They really are fiery hot.

'Oregon Spring' tomato plant still growing and putting out tomatoes.


tina said...

Holy smokes! 17 feet tall! That is pretty tall!

Dan said...

I really have to grow a morning glory next year, they make for some spectacular photography.

I wish I still had tomatoes growing. I just went out today to scavenge a couple cherry tomatoes for a salad just to find out they all died from the cold.

Patsi said...

Believe it or not...I just found morning glories growing wild in my garden this summer. Never had them before...very pretty.