Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lettuce in a Cage

Sometimes we need to go to extreme measures to protect our crops from squirrels. My crop happened to be lettuce. And the protection happens to be a rabbit cage.


AR said...

That would probably work. I am currently using an old wood-framed screen window over one of my 2'x4' raised beds. It may be my only hope.

tina said...

Excellent idea! Pesky critters!

Susy said...

Love love love it!

What kinds of seasonal changes do you have in CA? Leaves changing & stuff?

Parsec said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Here in California, the leaf color changes are not nearly as dramatic as in the East. This is because many of the trees are native, like Coast Live Oaks, and they don't lose their leaves until February. There are some trees that are beautiful, though. The Sierras often have beautiful fall color, with the aspens and cottonwoods taking on brilliant shades of yellow and orange.

And with the arrival of fall, rain is never far behind. We're getting our first rainstorm tonight!