Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gold Lace Primrose

Gold Lace, originally uploaded by ParsecTraveller.

Sorry for not blogging in the past week...been busy!

This is the 'Victoriana Gold Laced' primrose from Annie's Annuals. The heirloom flower is very pretty and unique.

Annie's Annuals is a wonderful nursery in Richmond, California (which is sadly a dangerous town). When you enter the nursery though, you feel safe as you gaze upon variety after variety of very rare or heirloom plant. Everything I've ever purchased at Annie's has grown extremely well. If you can't make it out to California to visit them in person, you can order online.


tina said...

That is a beautiful flower. Why is Richmond so dangerous? Crime? What a shame.

Dan said...

I grow many perennial primulas under the trees in the back. I can't get enough of them and neither can the can the squirrels. They like to dig them up every spring. The primula I like the most is Primula denticulata (drumstick primula.)

Funny that these are another plant that go by more then one name. Not sure weather primrose is used more for the annual versions or weather it is the non-Latinized name?

Susy said...

Those are fantastic.

Leon said...

Gorgeous, great close-up detail!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely flower, and I totally covet it!

Alas, I'm up in Toronto, Canada.