Friday, November 07, 2008

Back in Summer

Back in Summer, originally uploaded by ParsecTraveller.

Anyone else missing summer? These morning glories are all but shriveled up now...but there are plenty of seeds for next year!


tina said...

Nope, not missing it at all. It will be back all too soon.

Susy said...

I still have a few things blooming here at Chiot's Run. I'm looking forward to the thermal blanket of snow and a short vacation from the gardening chores. I think I still have a month though till the snow comes in full force and plenty of chores still need finished up.

Dan said...

I miss the summer garden, not so much the heat and humidity. I think my favorite seasons would be spring and fall. Now come Feb I will be begging for summer.

Your morning glory vine is spectacular and growing them up that skinny pole makes for amazing lighting.