Thursday, February 18, 2010

UCLA Dance Marathon

UCLA Dance Marathon, originally uploaded by ParsecTraveller.

This weekend I was one of over 800 people to partake in Dance Marathon at UCLA. We danced for 26 hours nonstop, no sitting down allowed. The purpose of Dance Marathon is to raise money to fight pediatric the end we raised $407,223.73!

At DM, we heard from children afflicted with HIV/AIDS and heard their stories - it's amazing that those kids contend as well as they do. They are incredibly strong. In addition to the kids, numerous celebrities and dancers appeared to boost the morale. The last hour of DM, known as "Power Hour" was a massive rave-like dance party that filled the Ackerman Ballroom with energy. Sitting down at the end of the 26 hours seemed like the best thing in the world.

For this picture, I set up my camera on a raised dancing box and took a long exposure.

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