Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tehan Creek

Tehan Creek, originally uploaded by ParsecTraveller.

Here's a photo from a bushwhack hike that I went on yesterday, to Tehan Falls in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park.

A few scattered reports I had read indicated that Tehan Falls was a 60-foot gem, complete with a fern grotto.

Well, Tehan Falls was 60 feet tall, and it had a fern grotto, but the amount of water was almost laughable, considering just how much rain we've had in the past week. It's surprising to think that the falls were even marked on a map.

Anyways, this is a shot of the creek downstream from the falls where it was lush and ferny.


mike2112 said...

Nice shot, how did you access Tehan Falls? Did you traverse down from the main ridge?

Parsec said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. I actually accessed Tehan Falls from Serenity Terrace in Pleasanton, but now that I think of it, our route may have been illegal. It's just confusing because I had read that the land was acquired by the East Bay Regional Park District.

In any case, Tehan Falls is not nearly as impressive as I thought it would be. There was only a small trickle of water cascading down the falls even though heavy rains drenched the area for 2 weeks.

Gambolin' Man said...

Great adventure, anyhow, Parsec! Thanks for sharing - also first I've looked at your blog! Very nice!
-Gambolin' Man

Anonymous said...

Tehan Falls is pretty impressive when it has water flowing over it. I visited a week ago (after a good week of rain). See pictures at