Monday, November 07, 2005

Rioting Continues in France!

As most you are well aware, there are huge riots going on in France. These riots, mainly dominated by young Muslim men from neighborhoods that are not well-to-do, have resulted in the burning of churches, schools, and over 4,000 cars. More than 1,000 people have been arrested and many police officers have been wounded. The violence started after the deaths of two young people who were hiding from the police. The youths were electrocuted in an accident at a power station. Rioting is now spreading into other areas of Europe, and the future of Paris is shrouded in mystery.



dude! weirdo left a comment b4 me...w/e. lol. im bored, so im typin' baldlay. nuntin intristin goin', ya. buh-bye!

Schwinkenblog said...

France will do OK. The passage of unfair legislation affecting the welfare of the younger set of France was the problem. Mr. Chirac has promised to rescind the problematic law ASAP.